9 out of 10 Nonprofits Recommend NIA

December 10, 2019 by Nahida S. Nisa

Not only does our organization look for ways to keep nonprofits insured, but over 94% of our members renew with us. Here are five reasons nonprofits like you want to stay with us year after year.

  1. We’re really a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Unlike our competitors, NIA is a 501(c)(3), which means we understand the specialized coverages nonprofits need for the unique risks they face—and we actively look for ways to provide it. Encouraged by the initiative and impact of our members on their communities, our responsive teams are available even before a claim is filed.

  1. We reinvest in nonprofits (dividends).

NIA has a dividend plan that issues dividends to members based on premiums paid during the dividend period, length of continuous coverage, and favorable claims experience, which our excellent risk management and loss control resources help you to create. Since 2007, we’ve returned $44.1 million in dividends to the nonprofit sector!

  1. We invest responsibly (ESG).

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing refers to three areas through which NIA—a nonprofit, just like you—measures its ethical impact. That means we consider what companies are doing to the planet, environment, human rights, and animal welfare before we consider investing in them.

NIA has an active approach to ESG investing. We do more than identify organizations that aren’t in line with our mission. Instead of simply screening out organizations that conduct business in a way that’s unhealthy for the planet, we actively evaluate whether the businesses in which we invest are the best in class—basically, whether they’re conscious of the environment (such as reducing pollution) or implementing better employment practices.

  1. Our dollars go into producing resources for nonprofits.

Our drive to help nonprofits is infused into the philosophy of every aspect of our business. You might already know that we provide free and discounted resources to our members, but even for the sake of (self) promotion, NIA brings nonprofits educational resources, such as an assortment of popular and easy-to-read, risk management booklets, rather than gimmicky plastic “gifts” like pens and mugs that add to the pollution in our oceans—you won’t find anything gratuitous or impractical at our conference booths.

  1. NIA has exclusively served 501(c)(3) nonprofits for 30+ years.

We formed at a time when the nonprofit sector was in the middle of an insurance crisis. And since then, we’ve operated for 30+ years. All organizations comprising NIA are rated A VIII (Excellent) by AM Best.

When for-profit insurance companies were refusing to insure nonprofits, we knew we had to insure ourselves. One of the most important objectives on which NIA formed was to give nonprofits control of this important financial resource. That’s why we’re pleased that 20,000+ members have joined us.

Are you ready for an insurer that’s—finally!—a nonprofit like you? Get a quote!

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