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May 26, 2017 by Marc Rand

Does your nonprofit need a cash-flow loan? If you’re a member in California, we can help.

NIAC has a small pool of funds available to make loans of up to $50,000 to members. NIAC’s long-term goal is to prove it is financially feasible to underwrite small, yet impactful, loans to the nonprofit sector. Our research suggests that the market does not offer loans at market-based interest to financially secure nonprofits. And, if loans are offered to organizations, the processing time takes up to one year! We believe that access to small loans could improve nonprofits’ ability to serve their communities and increase their overall effectiveness. We are now inviting you to join us in proving to funders, financial institutions, the government sector, and others that making small loans to credit worthy nonprofits is both financially viable and the right thing to do!

These loans have a fixed interest rate of 6 percent interest with a loan origination fee from $250 to $500 (depending on the size of the loan). The loans will have a term of up to 12 months. Review and approval of the loan is expected to take less than five weeks. If your organization could benefit from this service, please email

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Marc Rand

About the Author

Marc Rand is the Founder and Managing Director of Community Capital Advisors, a national consultancy focused on community investment. He leads an amazing team to support foundations (community, private, and corporate) invest in nonprofits and social impact companies. He also manages several nonprofit loan funds, including American Nonprofits and the Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of California's member loan fund. Marc is the former Program Director for Loans and Affordable Housing at Marin Community Foundation (MCF). While at MCF Marc invested more than $50 million in Marin-based nonprofits during a 12 year period with a 0% default rate. Marc also developed one of the nation’s first donor development strategies connected to impact investing while at MCF and was able to increase loan capital five-fold from $5 million to $25 million. Prior to MCF, Marc served in the Peace Corps (Romania) where he led the development of 5 credit unions. Marc started his career in international banking. Marc served six years as a Board Member, two as Board Chair, for Opportunity Fund, a small business CDFI micro-loan fund with assets over $75 million.

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