Specialty Carrier Exiting Nonprofit Insurance Marketplace?

October 15, 2019 by A. Ren Agarwal

The appetite of some for-profit commercial carriers change from time to time for financial reasons. We understand, the bottom line can be tough to manage if you’re not prepared to insure a class of business for the long-term.

Brokers know that we are steadfast in our commitment to serving nonprofits and that means being a market for a broad class of nonprofits. Our appetite for 501(c)(3)s is so broad it’s easier for brokers to send us applications rather than ask us if we cover it.*

Markel Specialty has been an insurer of human service organizations including camps and conference centers, child care centers, preschools, Head Start programs, youth recreation programs (Boys & Girls Clubs), and nature, conservation and environmental centers.  We understand that might be changing and we want to make sure that nonprofits have a carrier they can get insurance from.

We invite brokers looking for a market for their nonprofit clients, who may soon no longer be covered, to consider NIA by either reaching out to your underwriter or contacting our Broker Services team at 800-359-6422 ext. 6021 or brokerservices@insurancefornonprofits.org.



*There are some exceptions: athletic leagues, churches or organizations whose main goal is to promote a specific religion, hospitals, universities and zoos. A full list is available to appointed brokers.

A. Ren Agarwal

About the Author

Ren is NIA’s CMO.

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