Oak Grove Center CEO on Supporting Students During COVID-19 School Shutdown

April 09, 2020 by Nahida S. Nisa posted in About Members

Oak Grove Center is a nonprofit that operates a Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program and nonpublic schools. A number of its students live on-grounds. When schools throughout California were closed, the nonprofit was tasked with keeping the resident students occupied and engaged in all their therapies, as well as distance learning.

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Get to Know the Organization for Bat Conservation

August 18, 2017 by Alexis Crase posted in About Members

Bats are an often misunderstood animal, evoking unnecessary fear from humans, which has led to the undue persecution of the bat community for centuries. However, these misjudged creatures of the night aren’t as frightening or ominous as we portray them to be. In fact, bats play a crucial role in our ecosystem, saving the world billions of dollars in pesticides, pollination, and seed spreading, and benefiting numerous industries. It was this that inspired the Organization for Bat Conservation founder Rob Mies to dedicate his career to bat protection and conservation efforts, and to start this now successful nonprofit 20 years ago.

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